Security, Privacy, Clouds and Transparency

By Sharon Hill

Follow our series of articles on:

1. Security. Are we becoming immune with the amount of social networking sharing?

2. Privacy. Where do free services and privacy issues collide?

3. Clouds.  How much trust and effort should we employ without a safety net?

4. Transparency.  It is a big buzzword with great intentions and high risk.

Do the folks who do not want their pictures and activities posted on social media sites have rights?  Right now, the answer is no.

Privacy is a relative term.  Privacy means what the disclosure states.  When a service is free, do you really expect to have a say regarding privacy?

Cloud computing articles are all about the wonderful technology, savings and freedom.  What happens if…?

Transparency is great until it is your company or you personally that is expected to be transparent.  When did not having secrets and the world is entitled to my personal life become expected business practices and a way of life?

These articles are being written to provoke non-conventional thoughts and give pause to where we are heading as a society and as businesses.


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